Friday, September 18, 2009

My 15 Favorite Blogs and The Lovely Blog Award

I appreciate Jemma over at Life is Not a Cereal for nominating me for this award. Jemma knows not how wonderful she is, and how lucky I feel to have the priveledge to have her in my life (yes Jemma and I are REAL friends, like in the real world! LOL).

Now, I'll share my 15 favorite blogs:


1. Life is Not a Cereal (this is Jemma's blog, and I'm not just putting this one in there because she nominated really is one of my very favorites. She's so creative, and has such brilliant ideas.

2. No Time for Flash Cards is probably my current favorite haunt on the web. I'm there at LEAST once a day.

3. Making of a Montessori Mum has lots of cute stuff (for my littles anyway...)

4. Mariposa the site that brought me "Smart but Scattered" a book that shall forever be given credit for changing how I think of my eldest child.

5. The Wonder Years

6. BookWorms Book Nook

7. Totally Tots

8. SCHOOL-N-SUCH I've had the pleasure of knowing this author for years via an online group.

9. Art Projects for Kids, I think I may have shared this blog on my own blog before, but it's worth repeating.

(Just for me)

Multi-slacking Mamalicious is a lot of fun to read....I enjoy it, she cracks me up!

To the Moon and Back again, just something I enjoy!

Frugal Upstate a frugal living website.

A Year of Slow Cooking can be a life saver!

Parenting (but not homeschooling):

Milk Allergy Mom as the mom of two milk allergic children (one of them also being egg allergic) I appreciate this site so much!

Best Parent Ever is a very tongue in cheek parenting site. I <3 sarcasm, so I love every minute of it. Enjoy!

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