Saturday, August 28, 2010

Week in Review

Sooo, Four came down with a cold on Monday which put a kink in goals. I only got a couple of things done with Three. Such is life. So last weeks goals for him, are the same for this coming week. However, One met all of the goals I had set, and Two did her review work and reading. We did no school on Friday because One and Four had ped appts (well checks) and it was the day I felt the WORST this week--because of course, I caught Four's cold (Three has it as well, but so far it looks like hubby, One and Two have managed to escape it.)

Now for the best part of our week, we took a trip today to an actual Civil War battlefield. These pics are out of order, but I'm trying to just get it posted. They did a musket and artillery fire demonstration and we got to tour the house which was used as a hospital during the battle.

This is one of the operating rooms:

One and Two on the steps of the house/hospital.

They were doing a bayonet charge.

Firing their weapons:


Sunday, August 22, 2010

Goals for the week

With Three, I hope to do the following:

Reading skills:

1. Sorting activities:
a.) vocab cards
b.) buttons
c.) shaped noodles

2. Letter F activities
a.) workbook page letter F identification
b.) workbook page letter F sound
c.) build a wooden firetruck (it's a kit from a hardware store)
d.) this fireman craft:
e.) letter Ff

Math skills:

1. Counting 7 objects (Three seems to be having a block after 6.)
2. Workbook page on written #2.
3. Patterns!

Fine Motor skills:

1. Beads
2. Pegs
3. Tongs

For Two, I plan to do the following:

Two has already finished her school year (hallelujah!) She will be doing reading each day, as we still have some books that were on my "list" for this year that she didn't get to. And, she'll be doing a math review sheet each day.

For One, I plan to do the following:


1. Re-test on the Wild West (yes, she did get a D on Friday....ugh.)
2. Move on to unit on the battles with native american's over the land in the west
3. Historical field trip to a Civil War battlefield (I'm CRAZY excited about this.)


1. Finish chapter on decimal multiplication, if there is a God...we will finish this up. But, she is struggling, so we'll see.

1. Finish abridged version of Little Women

We've completed all of our science and grammar for the year!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Letter D

Dragon craft from (which ROCKS.)

Tracing Letter D felt letters (I made felt letters, instead of typical montessori sandpaper letters.)

Writing Letter D in oatmeal

Coloring his "dinosaur costume:"

Working on scissor skills by cutting out the spikes for his dino

The back of the dinosaur costume:

We did a dino craft....from I apparently didn't take pictures. :(

Saturday, August 7, 2010

It's a Wrap.

Random stuff from the last week or so....

One and Two built a skyscraper city during Three and Four's nap...and then I unleashed the Jabberwocky. Look at that gleam in his eye...tiny terror.

Yes, they are couch-cushion surfing.

Three and Four playing.

Monday, August 2, 2010

Muffin Tin Monday

This if my first time participating in Muffin Tin Monday! I was so excited to see this idea yesterday while blog cruising. It made me really think about lunch....and we've really been in a rut. It was SUPER. It got Three to try zucchini (which he swears he doesn't like.... ;))

This is Four's plate (yeah, I know, not a muffin tin...WhAtEvEr!) It has pears, carrots, broiled zucchini, and then some broiled zucchini with melted rice cheese shreds. He ate EVERY BIT, but then he eats every bit of every can this kid eat! :)

For Three's tin, we had a dinosaur theme because we've been working on letter D and had done a dinosaur craft this morning. So, moving clockwise we have: Boulders (chicken nuggets,) Dino blood (ketchup,) leaves-dino food (zucchini,) pears-dino food, sticks (graham cracker sticks,) and dino-eggs (grapes.)

This was SO fun....and I can't wait to do it again! Here is the original blog that it came from: