Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Wordy Wednesday

Last week, I was asked why I homeschool. By a complete and total stranger.

It went like this:

Me:  well, my oldest is...well, she's different. Always has been and I just never thought a traditional school would be a good fit for her.  Then, when the other kids came, I figured why send them if I was going to be home with her anyway?

The stranger:  Is she really shy?

Me:  No, actually, she's quite outgoing.

The stranger:  That's a real concern though, for homeschool kids.

Me:  My kids do just fine in public.  In fact, people often don't realize they are homeschooled at all.

The stranger:   Oh.  That's great.

(thinking--Me:  Well, thanks for your approval.)

Me:  Thanks.

The stranger:  What do you think the most important thing to teach your kids is?

Me:  Honestly?  My top 3 would be:  basic math skills, reading and comprehension, and HOW TO LEARN.  That last one is KEY.  Because you know what?  As an adult I still run into things that I don't know or understand.  BUT...I am capable of looking up information and reading and LEARNING.  I think that is the biggest thing to know.

The stranger:  That's a really good point (Me, again thinking:  thanks for your approval.)  I don't think they do a good job of that in public school.

Me:  Me either.  (Thinking...I just won.)

I read this yesterday, and I just need to say everyone should read it, and I heart Mike Rowe.

Monday, February 16, 2015

Manic Monday

Argh!  This weekend just got away with me. I was sick ALL day Saturday, like...couldn't get out of bed sick. So yesterday we had a "mock" Valentine's Day dinner. Remember the great dinner plans I mentioned?  And that cake I was going to bake?  Those things happened. Just belated. Luckily, my kids were really understanding about the whole thing. Two had a virus on Thursday/Friday and judging by symptomology she passed that a long to me. Nausea, intense headache, dizzy, weak, chills and sweating. It was a party up in here. The upside(s)?  No puking and it was a quick mover..about 24 hrs. 

I did manage to pull together our V-Day celebrations together but it took all my strength. Hoping a good nights sleep is going to give me what I need to get through my classes this morning. 

Here are our pics from last week (since I crashed hard last night and didn't get up our Sunday Snapshots.)

Ninjas dancing "gangnam style"

Making out Valentines for their co-op friends

Making a species card in one of the amazing lab facilities that our science museum has to offer. 

Trying to get a pic of them before we went to the theater last week. 

Outside the theater (this was Four's shot set-up)

Man down, man down!  (I don't make a habit of snapping pics of my kids sick..but The Bestie's middlest daughter's birthday party was roughly 24 hours of the time of this pic, and I used it to tell The Bestie why we would be unable to come.). She slept off and on, on the couch where her brothers were being loud, for 6 hours. It was a rough virus, this one. 

I got this great hand made hat from a Canadian friend this week. Can't wait to wear it this morning.

Valentine's candy heart experiments. (Four leaned back right as I snapped the shot, and I never have claimed to be a good there you have it.) 

A lego creation from the mind of Three:

Friday, February 13, 2015

Flashback Friday (or NOT)

I haven't been getting to the blog this week, BUT, I found some great valentine's day stuff I wanted to share with you guys so you can have some fun today/tomorrow.  I know, I're asking WHY I didn't get these up earlier in the, y'all.  Life.

Valentine's "I LOVE" booklet you have to scroll down a bit, but it's there, and it's a free printable.  Too adorable.

Sight Word Coloring-V-day theme.

Valentine Sweet Heart Math

Valentine's Day Patterns

Sunday, February 8, 2015

Sunday Snapshots

There was piggy bank emptying. 

This is what they bought with their piggy bank funds. They had to count it out. And pay themselves. 

Food chain cut and paste (after watching Magic School Bus Gets Eaten.)

We got to see 2 cows at CFA family night, AND they got ice dream. 

Hibernation vs migration activity at co-op. 

A new minecraft lego set from The Bestie for Three's recent birthday. We were all working on putting it together. 

Four and I attended Family WOD at Cross fit.  This is post workout. He was a total rockstar. 

Here he is holding his board. He did all of it!

We decided to put the boy's bunk beds back together which involved loving most of the contents of their room to OUR room....and then back. 

A hard Mike's Blood Orange that I earned by working to organize the boy's room all afternoon. 

Saturday, February 7, 2015

Sideways Saturday: Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day is a week away, and I'm in planning mode.  The Bestie will have all 4 kids the night before for her middlest daughter's birthday sleepover (you should read that:  I get to sleep in and have nookie as loud as I'd like on Valentine's morn...) but when they return, we are going to do a Family Valentine's Night.  A special dinner, and family games.

I posted to my birth board group and one of the mom's there (J) said that a few years back she made every one of her guys (she's the mom of 4 boys, plus the hubs) their own personal dinner!  They each got their favorite food.  She says they still talk about it.  I'm all in.  I LOVE this idea so hard.  I'm making out the grocery list, and mentally preparing to cook 5 separate dinners on one evening.  I got this.  

Our dinner will consist of:

One's favorite:  Green Bean Casserole.  Yep.  Just that.
Two's favorite:  Bourbon Chicken over mashed potatoes
Three's favorite:  Meatloaf, mashed potatoes, and corn on the cob
Four's favorite:  Spaghetti (this is my fav too.)
The Punk's favorite:  Ribeye w/sweet potato.

It won't be that hard to pull off, and I'm happy that the mashed potatoes and spaghetti will be double duty.  I intend to make a meatloaf "cupcake" for Three, since he'll be the only one having that.  Green Bean casserole is my 2nd favorite thing to eat, so I'll just make a standard size serving of that and we'll share (The Punk really likes it too.)

For an afternoon snack, we will be making a batch of heart shaped soft pretzels.  I will be making the dough (she has a recipe link in the post to make your own.)

And for dessert:  Easy Heart Shaped Cake

I saw a V-day idea where she put together a photo album except it wasn't pictures it was 1 date a month for her and her partner.  Each month had a date plan sealed in an envelope.  I love this idea, and I can easily pull that together in the next week.  Swing on over to my "Marriage" pinterest board or just google "date ideas" if you need some ideas to fill those envelopes.

Here is a link to my Valentine's Day board, so you can look at other ideas that I like!

Friday, February 6, 2015

Flashback Friday: Quiet Time Bags

Today's flashback takes us to Sept 2012, when Four was just 2 1/2ish.  And, the need for quiet time was HUGE in my house.  Now that the smalls are 8 and 5 1/2...this isn't really a "need" for us anymore.  However, my kids still enjoy some of these activities, and some of them I should probably just pass along to someone with smaller kids.


Wordy Wednesday: Quiet Time Bags

Thursday, February 5, 2015

Lazy Housewife/Skinny Housewife

This covers both my lazy side and my skinny girl...

Lazy Girl's Seated Arm Workout just a few months, you're going to want to rock those tank tops or can't HURT to have banging arms.

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Wordy Wednesday: Doing vs Having

At co-op today, a good friend and I were chatting about how much we want to raise kids who understand that it is better to DO than to HAVE. We were referencing the gift giving game and how she had finally brought some members of their family around and as a family xmas gift they were all spending a week at the beach together. 

This just got me thinking.  Having experiences and time together with each other is a a far more valuable gift. Especially as grandparents/aunts/uncles age. You can HAVE that present that grandma gave you OR you can have the memory of that weekend spent with grandma. The latter is more prized. 

My kids (at least my older ones) have got it. For One's 16th birthday, Miley Cyrus tickets (don't judge me!)  She got to see her "Queen," and I got pictures of her crying as she came out. For Two's 15th birthday-tickets to Wicked. (It was completely amazing, FYI.) She will always remember getting to do that with me. And I will always remember getting to see her face as that curtain parted.  For One's upcoming birthday, she has requested a weekend just she, her sister, her bestie and I (and maybe The Bestie...since she happens to be One's besties mom...but I have to clear it with her) at the beach. Experiences. Not things. 

I didn't have a lot of either growing up. We weren't rich by any stretch, and my family didn't really "do" much together either. favorite gift that I ever received?  A doll my grandmother MADE for me. It was made from panty-hose, and stuffing and to be honest at the time I hated it. I wanted a baby like everyone else had. But the truth was we most likely couldn't afford that. Now, as I look back....I know how badly they wanted to give me a baby doll. And how long and hard my grandmother must have worked to make that baby for me. And it is a treasure. 

This year?  I'm hoping to take my kids, and my mom back to the city my mom was born in. She went with her sister (and met her other sisters) and some of their kids but I (nor my sister and her kids) were able to go. I want to make that happen this year. I'd love my sister to be able to go with us, but I want to go either way.   We also plan to "slide the city," which is a 1000 ft water slide down the streets of our state's capital!   In addition, One has requested to attend a music festival (hippie-child that she is) and I'm hoping to make that happen too. 

That will be a lot of experiences for them and I can't wait!

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Two for Tuesday

This week we are talking about animals that hibernate, and I'm throwing in a lesson about migration.  We will be doing this activity at co-op this week for the kindergartners.   I think it will go well with what they've been covering (animal adaptations) AND with what we've been covering at home (carnivore/omnivore/herbivore...and the food chain.)

I'm either leading or co-leading every co-op for Three or Four from now until the end of the year, so I did some other planning as well.  February I'm leading the K co-op, but most of the subjects are easily adapatable to older/wider age ranges.

President's Day the age range on this pack is K-3rd.  I'll be using a couple of the sheets for co-op and most of the others at home on our own.

You'll notice that both of today's links are TeachersPayTeachers links.  I really can't say enough good things about this website.  I LOVE it.  There are a ton of great FREE things (like the links I've shared today) but there are also LOADS of great packs for just a few bucks.  I've bought several things from there, and I've loved all of them.  So, while you're checking out these things...look around.  Search any subject you are studying.  Narrow it by grade.  It's amazing!

Sunday, February 1, 2015

Sunday Snapshots

Lego Club

Family game night (with my bigs, The Punk, and my nephew.)