Friday, August 22, 2014

Flashback Friday

Some of the excitement of our week.

Three doing the science experiment I shared yesterday.  

Power Rangers making chalk/egg paint

Some fun at the pool with their cousin.

My view last week at my convention.

One and Two dared each other to eat something they each hate.  Two has a fried pickle in her mouth and One just ate an entire spoonful of ketchup straight.  Yum!

This table has been my nemesis for months.  It's largely stuff we actually use, but I have no good way to organize it and keep it easily accessible during school time.  I have triumphed over this mess!  The table is currently clear (and I'm going to list it on a yard sale site this weekend) and all the school items are organized and stored in our coffee table (which is really a chest.)  HOORAY!!

A picture from One doing the #ALSIceBucketChallenge.  Two and Three did it as well, but this is the only picture in MY phone.

Power Rangers duel.

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Two for Thursday

Oh, yeah, I'm switching it up.  Not only is Wednesday the new Monday, but I'm sharing links with you on a Thursday.  Normally, on Thursday I share a life hack (allowing you to channel your inner Lazy Housewife) or a fitness tip (Skinny Housewife.)  But, not today.  Today I'm on my computer prepping for our science lesson and so I'm going to share with you some links that I'm currently using.  Just take a deep breath, and roll with it baby.

Liquids, Solids and Gases

Observable Properties of Matter

Go Learn!

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Wordy Wednesday: Mommy Wars

Yesterday, there was a discussion amongst my 'birth board' about a cartoon that was posted by a homeschooler.  It essentially slammed public school kids saying that the homeschooled kids would need to use simpler words, etc to be able to socialize with their public school counterparts.  Some people saw the side where it was basically the Original Poster (OP) pointing out that socialization of homeschoolers (or lack thereof is a stereotype) but most saw it as the OP doing the exact same thing (stereotyping publicly schooled kids.)

First, my reaction was that it was completely hypocritical of the OP.  Second, if she feels like she needs to justify her choice...that is HER issue.  I've been at this a long time (14 years....when I have to make statements like that I feel ancient.)  And, truly, never once remember feeling like I needed to justify my choice.  I'm sure it helps that I've surrounded myself with people who are supportive of diversity, and freedom of choice, and individuality.  So maybe those who need to defend their choices should look at who they are choosing to spend time with a little more closely.  Friends shouldn't make you feel like you need to defend your choice.  Friends shouldn't make you feel like you need to go to war.

This is just another in the LONG list of stupid shit we (moms) want to war about.  It starts before we even give birth.  You shouldn't drink soda.  You shouldn't eat lunch meat, or canned tuna.  You shouldn't use bumpers in your crib.  You shouldn't have pain meds when you deliver.  You shouldn't give birth in a hospital/birth center/home.  You shouldn't bottle feed.  You shouldn't use pacis.  You shouldn't go back to work/stay home.  You shouldn't....fill in the blank with just about ANY parenting CHOICE and you have the basis of a Mommy War.

Stop.  It.

Trust the people who you know, befriend, are related to, and care about to do what THEY feel is best for THEIR children.  If you don't trust their judgement, you probably shouldn't be their friend.  And, if you feel like they are doing it wrong...walk away.  Quietly, and calmly.  Walk.  Away.

Monday, August 11, 2014

Manic Monday

This "new" year is shaping up pretty well. Wednesday is the new Monday though with both boys co-ops meeting that day (this is completely amazing as they will be in the same location, back to back...which REALLY works for me!) Two will have guitar, the boys will be starting Tae Kwon Do and that will be on Monday and Wednesday, and One will have dance as well. That puts us leaving the house at 8:15 am, returning around 3:30. Leaving again at 7, and finally home for the night at 9. However, the big difference is that Tae Kwon Do is something that the boys WANT to do, so unlike bowling league it should be a much more pleasant day. 

It means I need my crock pot replaced as well.  Or we will relegate Wednesday night to SIMPLE meals. 

Two will also be starting basketball back and that wi involve two practices a week. Dates undetermined. 

I also will start teaching on Tuesdays in September. Putting me at working three mornings a week. Woohoo!!

Sunday, August 10, 2014

Sunday snapshots

Lots of Lego building. 

This is myself, The Bestie, and The Lyonesse on the lawn at the Matt Nathanson concert. 

Here is Matt on stage. He pointed at us in the crowd, no joke!  We were the only people standing in our section (apparently everyone else was there to see Gavin Degraw...who was also very good, but WE were there because of Matt!) 

After the show we were first in line for a "meet and greet," and he hugged me!  Asked my name. And was just overall freaking adorable. Dimple. Nose-ring. Adorable. 

Spent time with cousins (this is Four with my sister's youngest.)

My sister's third with my One and Two. 

Something my children created. It's supposed to be a "mobile" and Four was being the baby. 

I've been cutting up shirts, this one is specifically for my Zumba convention!!

Lastly, Four left his beloved stuffed meerkat (technically, he has two stuffed meerkats) at the park because he didn't listen to me and leave him in the car.  After a couple weeks, reality that David Jr was REALLY gone and tearfully asking The Punk if "people can just find stuff laying around and take it home with them??" The Punk found him a replacement David Jr. He was super-excited , and Three just wanted to be in the pic.