Monday, September 30, 2013

Sunday Snapshots

Yes, I realize it is early Monday morning, but I'm the only one awake, so it's peaceful here. I meant to post yesterday, but it got busy and I worked in a crafty project until late into the night. Here you go:

Weapons strewn across the yard, I love boys. 

Four practiced soccer for about 20 minutes. 

He was pretty sick most of the week, there was a lot of screen time, and THIS:

Marble water color at 1st grade co-op was so fun!  I made one too. 

My handsome Three. 

The only bad side of our week?  There was some serious Lego violence. 

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Monday, September 23, 2013

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Snapshot Sunday

We spent a good chunk of our Afternoon in the Lego store. We all built mini-figs and the boys each got to pick a set. This is Three's jet, with the two mini figs he built (the one on the left side is modeled after Indiana Jones, a current obsession.)

Four's stunt plane had an unfortunate accident. 

Four and I worked together to build his set. 

The Punk and Three built his jet. 

Friday morning Four had a "game store."

I know there are 6 of us, but truly this is too much!

National talk like a pirate day!  We celebrated at co-op with a pirate theme, and then we got doughnuts. 

Friday, September 20, 2013

Skinny Housewife

First, I want to address something that I was wondering since reading my friend Liz's blog about self image.  I was momentarily concerned that my "Skinny Housewife" posts might make someone out in the blogosphere feel bad about themselves.  Then I thought...nah, that ain't me.  It's not my bag to make others feel bad.  First, I'm not skinny.  Second, my posts are never condemning or bossy (You SHOULD be eating THIS.)  They are mostly healthy things that I've found that I actually LOVE, and that sometimes my kids like too and an effort to share.

Now, on to what I wanted to post about this week.  :)

I think I may have mentioned Paleo lifestyle before (I prefer lifestyle to diet, because honestly since the first four days, I haven't felt like I'm on a diet AT ALL.)  If not, quick recap:  it's eating like a caveman.  You only eat things that would have been available 'back in the day.'  I've been eating Paleo for almost 2 weeks (which in internet time makes me an expert.)  Everything that I read said to expect to feel like hell for at least a week, and possibly up to two.  Luckily, it didn't last that long for me, but I have to say that the first 4 days were ROUGH.  The sugar withdrawal was brutal.  I had a headache for 4 days straight.  The worst was when The Punk told me I was actually asleep with my hand on my forehead (yes, my head hurt SO BAD that I was aware of the pain, even in my sleep.  Sweet, right??)  That particular headache had rendered me useless (it hurt so bad I couldn't think!)  However, the next day?  It was over.  Apparently, those sugars and grains put up a fight on the way out.

I love this lifestyle.  Let me list the reasons:

1.  I have so much more energy.  Honestly, this was one of those things I've read but FEELING it within my own skin has still stunned me.  Prior to starting to eat differently, I was tired all the time.  I wanted a nap EVERY. SINGLE. DAY.  I was sleeping as late as possible (when The Punk would get up with the boys) and being miserable on the days that I couldn't.  Even with all that love of sleep, I needed sleeping pills to actually FALL asleep.  It was a crazy vicious cycle.  Now?  I'm falling asleep sans pills around 10:30 every night.  I've been awake BEFORE the kids every day this week.  And my kids wake up before the sun.  For the last 3 days, I've been up at 5:15.  Just awake.  Not miserable about being awake.  Just awake.

2.  Everything I've made so far has been YUMMILICIOUS.   And, the paleo versions of a few foods I was bemoaning having to give up (spaghetti--my very favorite meal and chili--as we enter fall/winter,) have blown me away with yumminess so it's ALL GOOD.  AND, at a dinner get together I attended last weekend, someone showed up with "ultimate paleo chocolate chip cookies," it was like the universe was rewarding me for not eating the cupcakes that had been on the counter for two hours, or gobbling up those chips.

3.  My kids are eating better, just because they want what I'm having!  No one else in my house is currently paleo (One is vegetarian.)  The Punk is totally supportive of this choice for me, and has decreased his intake of the "no-no's" and he's definitely eating better because he's eating with me.  A couple nights ago, I made garlic-cauliflower faux-tatoes.  The kids all ate it!  Three complained that he didn't like it, but he complains about almost all food that is put in front of him right now (except watermelon) so, I was expecting that.  One kept repeating how much she LOVED the potatoes that night.  Yesterday morning, I told her what it REALLY was and explained that that's why she liked it so much (she loves cauliflower, like her mama.)  Two ate them, and while she wasn't raving about them, she also wasn't complaining.  Personally, there was too much garlic for me and I think Two felt the same.  Next time, I'll dial that back a little.

4.  When I open my fridge, I get to marvel at an astounding number of fruits and veggies.  I know this seems simple, but we can hardly fit anything in there for the grapes, watermelon, pineapple, kale, mushrooms, tomatoes, squash, apples, carrots and peaches!

5.  I've lost 4 lbs.  I need to lose about 15.  And, one of my hopes for going paleo was to lose this belly fat (abs are made in the kitchen, ya know.)

Like most diets or lifestyle changes it's not for everyone, clearly.  And I'm not saying YOU SHOULD ALLLLL GO DO THIS NOW!  BUT, for ME, it has been truly amazing.  Not only do I feel great, and the food is yummy...I'm just HAPPY.  I've been able to give up taking all my vitamins (and let's be honest, while a pill form vitamin is better than not getting them...but they are never as good as ACTUAL FOOD) and still feel amazing.  *Hallelujah*

So, now that I've touted how amazing I'm feeling, let me confess something.  Yesterday was "Talk Like  Pirate Day."  Krispy Kreme doughnuts gives you a free doughnut if you come in and talk like a pirate.  They will give you a free DOZEN if you come in dressed like a pirate.  Their definition of "dressed like a pirate" and mine when we showed up in pirate bandana's and t-shirts meaning to claim A free doughnut (one for One, Two, and Three...none for me, being Paleo, and none for Four because of his allergies.) they sent us home with TWO DOZEN.  *slow blink*  I've never been good with temptation.  It's just not my bag.  I gave away a dozen almost immediately upon arriving home.  One, Two and Three all had 2 doughnuts a piece.  And, me?  I ate 4.  Four.  FOUR.  *shakes head in shame*  It is what it is.  It's over and done.  I was still up at 5:15 today, and I still feel great.  I do want MORE sugar again, which I had stopped really feeling (but sugar makes you crave sugar.)  I'm fighting that with water.  Tons of water.  Trying to just flush it from my system.

None of us are perfect.  We all fall.  We all eat doughnuts.

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Manic Monday

This is going to be a combo Manic Monday and Snapshot Sunday.

Today was awesome!  So awesome.  Taught my Zumba class this morning, and had probably the best time I've had to date!  So fun.  Stopped at the store on the way home and picked up the few remaining food items needed for the week.  Came home made an AMAZING lunch (zoodles, italian sausage and homemade spaghetti sauce!)  Cleaned, taught the small kids a great amount of school (which has really been taking a back burner,) made a really banging dinner and went on a walk as a family.

It was a blissful day. 

Now-pictures from various activities over the last few weeks, including my trip to Cali with The Punk, and concerts with the Bestie. 

Me, in front of the Hollywood sign. I'm rocking my "Love" shirt, representing #loveinarms on the west coast (check out this cause on FB and Twitter, check out her etsy shop theloveshacknc for some cool LOVE gear for yourself.)

My favorite food truck. 

My fare from the slummin' gourmet:  chipotle maple sweet potato tots. Nom nom nom.  (My apologies that the food pics are blurry, I was in a hurry to eat!)

Garlic parm spiraled potato on a stick ('cause I don't do healthy on vacation!)

We had lunch in Venice Beach inside a renovated old fire house. Too cool. 

The view from the Santa Monica Pier, you get mountains AND ocean. Hard to beat. 

This is the design it menu from a place called Slater's 50/50. You should check out their site, and be jealous that I got to eat there. The subsequent pictures are my food from there. Drool. It's expected. 

Fried bacon Mac and Cheese balls. You may openly weep with delight that these exist now. 

My burger:  50-50 (ground beef-bacon,) Swiss, chili, fritos, on a bacon pretzel bun. 

The Huntington Beach pier at night. 

The Bestie turned 40 while I was on the west coast, this was her Pacific Ocean birthday wishes, before the waves snatched it away. 

Angela vs Rays game. 

First night back, The Bestie and I wet to see John Mayer. 

Four had his first soccer practice. He was SOOOOOO excited!

Two and I with a baby bobcat!  This bobcat is being sponsored by The Bestie and her family, which is why we got an inside chance to play with her. 

Four helping make his pizza. 

The Boo, myself, The Bestie, and Two at Maroon 5 concert. 

A little Jenga in the morning. 

19 months after a gnarly break, Three is hanging on the bar he fell from. He's not nearly as scarred by this experience as his mama. 

Electric Run visited a city near me!  It was fun, fun, fun. Great lighting effects and pumping music the whole time. Here is a good friend of mine, myself and Two ready to get our groove (run) on!

Two for Tuesday

(Yes, I know I just posted Monday's blog post this morning, which included Sunday's blog post in it.  Three days in one.  Rock on.)

Why I Gained Weight to do a Crazy Video about Body Image  This is my friend Liz's blog.  I mentioned her and her etsy shop and her awesomeness briefly in my Manic Monday post.  This is me pimping her out a little more, because I believe in what she's trying to do (and because I'm sad that other obligations have kept me from being an extra in her video.)  THIS is the link to "like" Liz's cause on Facebook.  You should all do that, right now.

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Skinny Housewife: New Favorite Snack!

I know I've posted about them before, as a side dish, but in case you hadn't tried them yet:  Roasted Tomatoes!

Great snack.

Simple.  Slice the tomatoes (any kind you please...,) grease your pan, lay the slices on the pan, salt/pepper/italian seasoning.  Throw them in the oven for about 20 minutes.  Previously--when I posted this as a side dish-I'm pretty sure it called for an olive oil drizzle, and I know it had cheese.  I've taken to eating them without either of those things.  It truly doesn't need the olive oil (maybe, if you're using SMALL tomatoes...cherry or plum.)  And, they are super yummy even without the cheese (AND I LOVE CHEESE!!)

Eat this.  Today.  :)

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Wordy Wednesday: Being Me.

My wordiness today is going to be about what an amazing summer this has been for me.  Admittedly, it started off a little rocky.  But around mid-July...we took AMAZING to a whole new level.  What's made it so good you ask?  Let me tell you.

Being me.

Really, that's all.  I finally, for real, settled in to be ME.  All of me.  And trust me, there are some rough spots.  I'm not all sunshine and rainbows.

I made some decisions about friends (or people who aren't truly,) and where I want to put my energy.  I added another class into my Zumba schedule.  I made a commitment to healthy eating. I made the decision to volunteer some time.

With the help of The Punk, I (ok, he did A LOT of the work...) put our marriage into the best spot it's ever been in and am in the EXACT place I need to be there.  I'm unbelievably happy, and the people in my life who love me can physically SEE it in me.

I've been to three amazing concerts this summer.  I took a trip to the west coast with my love (and JUST him.)  I enjoyed my kids and am pleased with how the summer went...which is good because we can't get it back.  As I have more and more moments of realization that my girls are almost college aged (WHAT????,)  I am overwhelmed with how fleeting childhood is.  Can't I hold them just a little longer??  Oh, wait, this post is about to morph...we'll save that for another day.

We've had an outstanding, fandamntastic summer.  I hope your's was equally awesome.

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Two for Tuesday

Active math is my favorite.