Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Earth Day Acrostic Poems

In honor of Earth Day (which we are celebrating all week) my girls wrote these:

Electricity, save it!
You can collect buckets of rain water and use it to wash your car!
Carry cans and plastic bags to a recycling center.
Less watering!
Eat less beef!

Energy, use less of it!
You can save water by putting a bucket under the faucet when waiting for the water to get warm.
Consider volunteering to pick up trash around your neighborhood or local park.
Littering, don't do it!
Electricity, use less of it by taking the challenge to not use the lights during the day!! :) !! (that was the punctuation on her paper lol)

Hoping you're all inspired now!

Live long and Be green!

Monday, April 21, 2008

Going Green for Earth Day

If you visit often, you may have noticed I changed my blog color scheme to a "greener" me.

In honor of tomorrow being earth day, I've been thinking of ways I can be more green! I am pretty green...we cloth diaper, we dont' have any paper towels in our house, we compost, we conserve water, we make sure unused appliances are unplugged, we use cloth grocery bags.

I challenge myself to not turn on the lights during the day (this will be a big challenge for my kids!) as it seems to just be habit to switch on a light. I challenge myself to line dry anything possible. I challenge myself to use the fans to help cut down on the air conditioner running as the weather warms up.

I challenge ALL of you to find even just a small way that you can challenge yourself to be even just a little greener. I read someone else's blog recently and she mentioned that she uses A LOT of paper towels, so she was challenging herself to use only one roll a week. That's a big change, and one that does effect the planet, even though it may seem like something small!

Leave me a comment letting me know what you're challenging yourself to do to save our planet.

Monday, April 7, 2008


Last week, I completed my "Sandpaper" letters (actually felt). I got the information on how to make them from an email group that I'm in. Here is the photo and info from the source. Mine look just like these, because I made them the same way. They were actually suprisingly simple!

This weeks project is to make the moveable alphabet. I've already printed the ones I chose to use, you can find different templates online. Now, I just have to cut them apart and laminate them. Originally, I was going to make them from dough, but I just couldn't get it right. So, for now, these printed ones will do. Eventually, I'd like to make some from a thick foam type board or maybe even just fun foam.

I also got caught up on my flags for the states.

Twister! and why EVERY home should have this game

(For those of you who read both blogs, this is a repeat...but I had to share it here for those who only view this one!)

Twister is such an EXCELLENT learning tool!

You can use it to teach colors (blue, red, green, yellow).

It teaches right and left!

It teaches body parts--hand and foot anyway. (this is the way in which we'll be using it with my toddler this week).

You can tape letters/numbers onto the dots and then call things like "Put your left foot on a red R."

You can use it to teach ordinals. "Put your right hand on the third blue dot."

You can use it to teach addition/multiplication, tape the numbers into place. Spin the spinner twice. Have child do the math operation. "Add your left foot and your right hand."

You can use it for geography! Tape the names of states, countries, capitals, continents, etc to the dots. Spin the spinner. Have the child name the capital of the state/country they are on, have them identify the bordering countries, or bodies of water, etc.

Don't let your own imagination stop here! I'm telling you Twister can be used for just about anything!

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

I knew this day would come....

I knew the day would come when my children would refer to Tomato Soup, as just that, Tomato Soup. So, why you ask did this event make me want to cry?

This was one of the LAST 'baby' things they had left. So, it was a sad sad day. All their lives they have called tomato soup "cracker soup". Honestly, I don't remember a time since they could talk that they didn't refer to it as such. So when the words "tomato soup" came out of her mouth (my oldest that is), it nearly brought my world crashing to the ground.

I know I should be happy, she's growing, she's beautiful, she's talented, she's amazing.....

I'm writing this to remind you ALL that they are growing. Far too fast. And no matter how firmly you plant your feet, and drag them behind you, they just keep moving forward. Hug them, hold them close, these days are fleeting.