Sunday, September 4, 2011


I'm currently doing units that Three is requesting, because well, he doesn't like what I pick. And, with public school recently starting back here, and the neighbor kids talking about all the fun things they were going to learn Three started talking about what he could learn when he goes to school...he seemed a little surprised that *I* could teach him those things NOW if he wanted. Seriously, who taught you all the things you already know, dude? Yeah, that would be ME! So, he asked to learn about animals....but then asked to learn about frogs. And, now, snakes. Uh huh, amphibians and reptiles. I got ya.

Snake Letter Craft I think I will adapt this to have "our" snake make a W...or some other letter, that would be easily made by a snake (I'm still in the planning phase, so I'm not sure what we'll end up with) as Three already knows S.

Geared more for Four, but Three almost always wants to do whatever activity I have for his brother, we'll make a color snake. Four has a good grasp on colors, but almost always gets brown and black confused. So, our snake will probably have more than one black/brown segment. :)

We will visit the science museum and look at some native snakes.

For gross motor we'll slither on our bellies like snakes. :)

For fine motor, we'll make a bead snake on a pipe cleaner.

We also have our first preschool co-op meeting this week, and a park day. This should be more than enough activities to keep us busy.

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