Saturday, November 23, 2013

Sideways Saturday

I've been in a funk lately, and things have suffered. I want to spend the bulk of my day in the bed, and don't really want to see anyone. I've suffered with seasonal depression before but the last fee years had been free from symptoms. I know last years fall/winter were exceptionally mild and that probably had a lot to do with me being symptom free. However, this year, I'm not going to be so lucky.  It's mid-November and we've had short stretches of what feels like bitter cold (logically, I know it is NOT bitter cold...but for here, this early in the year???  It's bad. It already snowed for the love of all things holy!) 

Treatment is pretty simple (for me) and just involves getting out in the sunshine and moving.  Now that I typed that, I also was an avid runner last winter....and currently I haven't run since September.  It's all coming together in my brain. One day last week, I sat on my back deck, with my face tilted towards the sun for a half hour. I wore my earphones (and music drastically effects my mood too) and I got more done in that ONE day than I had in the entire week-maybe two-prior. It was truly amazing. 

This week I've forced myself out of house. I hung out with The Bestie, whom I hadn't seen in over two weeks. The following night The Bestie and I took One, Two, her One and her Two to see Hunger Games: Catching Fire. It was amazing.  

Dealing with this blah-blues-ick has been far less than amazing. But I'll get through. And today, I will run. 
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