Friday, July 11, 2014

Flashback Friday

Things have been going quite smoothly here, but I have been spending less time with the computer and just forgetting to post from my phone.  I know, I seems I can only be really great at a couple of things at a time.  Currently, my house is clean and the kids are engaged.  Other stuff...meh, not so much.  Oh well!  Here we go:

Cloud dough (baby oil and flour) fun!

Four working on color words coloring.  I've really amped up my game since he started talking about Kindergarten, and he hasn't mentioned it again.  And he is nearly insatiable, but I'm keeping up.

Three is channeling his inner spider-man.  ;)

We also saw a $1 summer movie this week, and had lunch after with some friends.

There has been a lot of swimming, and one day before I went on a girls trip to Colorado, Four was doing back flips off the board at the pool again!  He had stopped doing it last year, and he has refused every time we've been SINCE that day, but I did catch it on camera!

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