Monday, February 12, 2007

Week of February 12, 2007

Ok, so I don't know how much "real" school we'll get done this week, but I am sure there will be plenty of learning!

Today we are going to Pottery Club, which is one of those paint-your-own-piece places. The girls are very excited, they've done this one time before at a birthday party and had a great time. This time it is organized through our homeschool group, so many of their friends will be there painting with them as well. Then we have to go grocery shopping, MY FIRST TIME WITH ALL THREE KIDS! I'll make a list, and bring the calculator to keep the older kids busy. :-)

So, our morning consists of art, reading and math, without cracking a book.

Tuesday we have sign language class, and that eats up a good portion of the day, but I think I'll try to get in some reading and math, and handwriting practice as well. We'll see.

Wednesday we'll be celebrating Valentines day with our homeschool group. Good luck getting any "real" stuff done after that! But, it'll be important social time since my kids did without social interaction a lot during my pregnancy-I was very sick in the beginning, and then VERY tired in the end so they only got a good 2 months or so.

Thursday we don't have anything on the calendar (hallelujah! I think I overbooked our whole month of February to make up to them for not seeing their friends very much during the time I was carrying their brother). But, I think we're going to go have some family portraits taken. This might be our only opportunity for a sit down school day as well.

Friday we have to go pick up our Girl Scout cookies from the pick-up spot, and then we have a playdate with some of our bestest friends who we haven't seen in far too long. The girls are spending Thursday night with their dad, so we won't do any school on Friday since he'll be brining them home just in time to leave again. We might get some more sit down school done over the weekend though...who knows. We will be selling cookies at a cookie booth on Saturday morning (so that'll count as math!). We don't have any other weekend plans, so maybe we'll get to some of that learning stuff my ex-husband's family is so curious about (they are the only people we know who question our homeschooling).

Our youngest student...Oi Vey! We are battling thrush, let me just say, OI VEY! We are going on 4 weeks of it....and it's no fun. The yeast are dying though, this creates other issues-gas being the main one! So, the baby can't sleep because he has gas from the dying yeast.....which means I can't sleep. He doesn't cry all night or anything (finding the positive) but he wiggles and grunts most of the night, which means I don't sleep. He's such a good baby though, if this is the only obstacle we face, I'll take it!