Thursday, March 1, 2007

Week of February 26

Well, I missed posting at all last week. We were dealing with a stomach bug, and recovering from that. And, now it's Thursday and I'm JUST getting here! yikes. It's been another busy week, and doesn't look like it's going to slow down.

We had friends over on Monday, and then Tuesday we needed to run some errands then a friend called in need of a visit so we ditched school and went to her house (the kids were so excited), then yesterday we-the girls and I- went to a movie (Charlotte's Web) at the discount theater while my DH stayed home with the baby (have I mentioned Ihave the BEST DH in the world, really I do). Today those same friends we saw on Tuesday are coming to our house to play, and tomorrow we're finally getting our family pictures taken. I'm tired just blogging about it. We have managed school Monday, and yesterday we sort of doubled up and did the "core" subjects from both Tuesday and Wednesday. I had already told the girls they didn't have to do school today because we're having company, and then heading to Homeschool Story Time at the library.

We're working on Alaska in our 50 States unit study. The link is:

I'm trying to think what else we're doing that's fun and interesting to everyone.....we haven't done anymore exciting projects I guess. Oh, wait. The girls did Cave Painting yesterday. We're reading about nomads in The Story of the World, and so yesterday they got to pretend they were nomads and leave a painting to later be discovered by historians. It was fun.

The picture on the left is a painting of a shaduf, which was farming equipment invented and used by the nomads. The picture below, is a painting of a berry bush and a tree (which has a honey comb, and a bee buzzzzzing away) and two nomads out gathering.

Not much else to say about our week. I look forward to next week and we start planning some Spring/St. Patrick's Day things.