Tuesday, August 21, 2007

First Week of a new school year, and summer vacation

Well, I know it's been 4 months. But, life was busy happening all around me and I didn't get the chance (even when I wanted to) to come post about things.

We just started our new school year yesterday! I was way more excited than anyone else in the house. 4th and 3rd grade, I can't even believe it. It seems like yesterday I was creating a yahoogroup for homepreschool because I just KNEW there had to be others out there like me, and now look at my big girls:

Today we did a fun experiment called "Gravity Gulp" in which you must drink from a straw while standing on your head! We took pictures to share (I did my best to crop MOST of myself out).

Can you drink standing on YOUR head????? We think you should try.

A couple more pictures of us hard at work, dd#1-working on redoing some incorrect math problems, and dd#2 making the cookies that her brother was refusing to let me make. He kept trying to grab EVERYTHING...I know so unlike a baby....and my 7 yr old (infinite in wisdom) said "But mom, it's all so interesting" when I expressed my frustration at him grabbing for everything.

And, here is my DS, pretty confident he's ready for 4th grade US History:

We just got home a week ago from a GREAT 10 day vacation to see my DH's family in FL. The shuttle Endeavour launched while we were there, and we bought tickets to the space center to go watch the launch, and see lots of amazing things. The girls favorite part was defineatly the simulator! It was AMAZING. Here are a couple pictures:

He looks thrilled right? He was clearly very excited, in fact, he slept through the launch...even with the ground shaking, and the people all screaming! Amazing.

We also went to the beach while we were there, a first for the littlest one, and thrill for my big girls. A few photos:

All my crew:

"Ok, maybe this squishy brown stuff isn't so bad."

"Wow, who knew sand was so yummy!"

Life looks good, in the shade, in the sand (and after a little milk ;)):