Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Our First Webquest!

Ok, so I was inspired by my friend Jenny, who does these great webquests with her dd. You can view her blog here. So, I googled it, and came to this site on Webquests. I looked at what they had, and modified one of the examples to get myself going. After some practice, I can see making up my own as I go along. But, for now, I'm happy to modify. :-) So, without further adieu....

Our First Webquest:

You've been selected to be the first explorers to journey to Mercury! Your task, should you choose to accept it, is to learn more about Mercury.

On your voyage, you will accomplish these great tasks! Investigate Mercury's surface, atmosphere, and core and write a short essay to compare and contrast it with planet Earth. Investigate what causes craters, and how long ago scientists believe those on Mercury were formed. Investigate how scientists have obtained the data we already have about Mercury.

After your expedition, make a list of similarities and differences between Mercury and Earth. Use your list to compose your essay. Read about Mercury here, to help you form your list.

Click here and look at pictures of Mercury's craters. Answer the following question: What is the largest crater on the surface of Mercury?

Draw a picture of Mercury's surface for your lapbook.

Read the "Description" here and, answer these questions:
1. What was the name of the craft that went to Mercury?
2. What were it's primary objectives?
3. Did it go anywhere else?

Add a picture of the spacecraft to your lapbook.

We hope you've enjoyed your journey to Mercury. Please stay seated until your computer-craft has come to a complete stop.
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