Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Track out Week 2

Oh what a difference a week makes! While the weather last week was WARM and spring like, this week, this is what the kids have looked like outside:

Here are the pictures from Gingerbread House Day (last Wednesday):

And, this weeks Unplug your kids project, yarn!

These are yarn ornaments. We basically painted them with watered down glue, and let them sit to dry on the wax paper. My girls REALLY coated them with glue, and they still aren't dry. I'll post pics of the completed ornaments when I can peel them off the waxed paper! LOL
I've been feeling super busy lately, but I don't feel like I'm actually getting much done! With Winter Solstice approaching, I have lots I WANT to get done, but it seems like I'm barely treading water. We need to bake cookies for our Girl Scout meeting (we're doing a cookie exchange), and I need to gather things together to make a Yule wreath. We'll also be baking more cookies on Saturday (which happens to be my daughter's 8th birthday as well!!).
OH wait, before I forget! My daughter wants me to post that she did 1225 consecutive jumps on the pogo stick yesterday! She is quite proud of this accomplishment and asked if I could "put it on the page with the pictures on the internet" aka, our school blog! LOL So, there, I've put it on the page with the pictures on the internet.

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