Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Responsibility Lottery!

My new responsibility system, I decided to share it with the world. Aren't you lucky?

So, I wrote out all the chores the girls are responsible for. Including detailed directions on what exactly that chore means. I put this in a page protector and hung it on the fridge for reference.

I wrote out the chores themselves on slips of paper, and folded them up. I placed them inside a bag and each morning the girls must draw slips of paper. Whatever they pull is what they are assigned for that day. This ended the "I wanted to do that!" and "She always gets the good chores" that we had before (because one of them would undoubetdly finish the morning routine first and therefore was able to pick which chores she wanted to do off the list and get the "fun" chores first). This eliminates that, and it pretty well ensures that you won't have the same set of jobs each day or week.

My kids are 8 1/2 and 10. So your chores would vary according to your kids ages obviously, but to get your juices flowing here is our list:

Set table
Clear table
Unload dishwasher
Laundry Helper
Empty trash (this is a Monday only chore)
Erase Chalk/Dry Erase boards
Water and Weed flower beds (every few days)
Clean dog bowls
Brother's Keeper (this is a favorite chore actually! What this means in our house is that when I need to get something done NOW--meaning I can't put it off until he is happier/asleep--they are in charge of playing with him. It also means that during errands they in charge of keeping him happy while I do what needs to be done.)
Shopping Helper (holds the list, makes sure we got everything on the list, keeps track of extra's--helping to keep us on our budget--and is responsible for making sure the bags get taken into the store, and put back in the car after we've unloaded the groceries at home)
Change the sheets (Wednesday only)
Refridgerator Clean Out (Thursday only)
Cooking Helper

As for my baby, well he's in charge of helping to put away the messes he creates throughout the day, as well as he's a great laundry helper! He absolutely loves to put things IN the baskets and to hlep put things in the dryer. He also has just started helping with unloading the dishwasher (for the things in the low cabinets), and putting away the groceries (which actually consists of unloading the bag, and occasionally bringing things to me).
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