Sunday, February 28, 2010

Nothing new to share.

This was a very slow week. Monday would normally have been an 'off' day, but One and Two stayed with their dad an extra day, pushing our 'off' day to Tuesday (they need a day to recoup from being there, always. on these weeks we do Saturday School instead.) Two was in a bball tourny that started Monday. They made it to the championship game, but alas, did not prevail. Then after the final game (and only one school day this week) Two started running a fever and complaining of sore throat. :( One did school on Thursday, but not Friday. And, in the one/two day school week there just weren't very many interesting projects going on.

Oh well, tomorrow starts another week. :-) 4H is on first aid skills tomorrow, and we have bowling league as well. Monday's are always chaos here. Monday's alternate with 4H, bowling, and MOPS. We almost ALWAYS have 2 activities on Monday, it makes for a longgggggg day.
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