Sunday, February 14, 2010

Yeah, Yeah, I know

So, I know I SAID I was going to blog once a week, but Hey, life happens (and no, it is not a cereal...a little wink wink nudge nudge to my blogger-real-life-friend over at Life is not a cereal blog, cause I heart her.)

I really WANT to blog. I enjoy it, I enjoy the sharing of ideas, and I enjoy gleaning ideas from other people's blogs. SO, once again, I set a goal to come here more often!

So, this post will be a quick, mostly pic recap of the last several months. Here we go, enjoy the randomness, as these are in no paticular order:

One and Two working on a "Roman Roadway project." Here they are pressing the dough into the box lid:

Skipping a few steps, here they are putting on the smooth paving stones:

Finished project:

Here is One, dressed for her dance girl has a striking fashion sense.

This winter has been the coldest I remember in my 17 years living here, so the kids have spent a lot of time indoors (luckily, I still have some hair left). One is showing quite the play-doh skills as evidenced here:

Speaking of our cold weather, we've had more snow "events" this year than I can recall either, MUCH to the delight of Three, here is a shot of One, Two, and Three outside in the snow.

Here is Two, making a snow angel and being attacked by our dog (who loves the snow ALMOST as much as Three.):

Three celebrated his third birthday last month, and had a firefighter themed birthday party (for more pics/projects of Three check out my other blog sometime this week:

Two is also playing basketball now, here's an action shot (notice it almost looks like she's floating *insert twilight zone music*):

With our Girl Scout troop we had a "winter fashion show" after learning about winter safety, and participating in some winter fun (we went ice skating....Mama doesn't ice skate, but did don some skates with Three who REALLY wanted to try, but only skated MAYBE 50 feet before he was done.) Here is Two, who isn't at all into fashion, so she was on the "tech team" working the strobe light and fog machine (yes, we are a high tech group!).

Somehow the only picture I got of One during the fashion show is of her BACK....blah. I know my friend Jemma took some, if I get one of those, I'll post it here. She was mighty cute.

I had a baby 8 1/2 months ago, a baby that was allergic to MANY MANY things, even AFTER my body processed it. He cried for the majority of his first 4 months. I weaned him, and it was like the heavens dropped me a new baby, we are all much happier. And, he's the best. He's got a gleam in his eye that honestly makes me fearful, and well, as the mother of 4...two who I would consider "highly spirited"...that's saying a lot.
Here is a recent pic of Four.
That's a wrap.

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