Thursday, May 13, 2010

What's Going On?

Life. *shrug* I know...there are lots of, tons of even, blogging mama's out there who have MORE kids than me, and I'd venture to bet crazier lives than myself...and yet THEY manage to blog on a regular basis. I'm a blog fail.

Oh well. I do love this blog. I love being able to share with my family what the kids are doing as well as sharing with other homeschoolers and hopefully giving them ideas. :-) I could say, once again, I'm going to try to be better at it.

Softball season is in full swing. Dance class is wrapping up with the year end recital next week. Then, I am taking a summer dance class (yay!) and Two will be trying out for a travel soccer league at the end of the month. Four will turn ONE this month as well. Crazy stuff. My MIL may or may not be coming to stay with us around the time of Four's birthday (I LOVE being up in the air....)

Pictures....I know I have some to share. My camera battery is beyond dead, and I misplaced the charger during our time in FL after FIL's passing.

We attended a homeschool group "Field Day" this month, and it was FUN. The kids all had a blast with activities like tug o war, 50 yr dash, sack races, obstacle course run, water balloon fight (they especially loved this one--since they got to get ME wet), face painting, and bubbles and parachute play for Three. Not to mention it was a kick-butt playground.

We are trying to finish up our school year. We took a TON of time off at the beginning of the year--2 months to be exact--because SOMEONE was ALWAYS sick. I'm hopeful after doing some examining yesterday that we can still be done by the end of June/mid July. Allowing for a brief break before starting back up again. Normally, we school on a more year round schedule. But with the break at the beginning, we've had to cut back on all other breaks. And, we just spent nearly 2 weeks in FL with family....and I did allow for a 3 day "spring break."

Our state requires yearly testing, and we'll be doing that this month as well.

I've bought what I think we'll need for next year, well, almost all of it. We'll be continuing with all the things we've been using. Core Knowledge, Learning Language Arts Through Literature, and Math Advantage. We need to put some more focus on grammar--but I have a resource I bought last year and didn't implement, so we'll use that. We need to continue with creative writing, and will continue to use Just Write for that. We'll also continue learning Spanish, hopefully. Two gets easily frustrated with this, whereas One seems to have gotten my ability to learn language quickly.

Time to make the pancakes (some of which will be dairy and egg free...I love you my allergy laden baby). Love to all!
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