Saturday, June 12, 2010


I found my camera charger, and now have lots of pics to share:

Two at bat. This was the last game of the season.

One being consumed by a T-Rex.
One, Two and Three inside a tree trunk at the science museum (if you look up while in the tree trunk, you see a family of bats.)

Two recieving her bowling certificate as bowling league wraps up for the year.

One and Two attempting to catch a crayfish, I eventually did catch him. :)

Two caught a nice bass.

We are still working to finish up our school year, but I feel confident we should be able to take some time off in August (I don't know if I want to take the whole month off....the natives get restless when there is no structured time in their day.)
Two finished her yearly testing this week, and I hope to be able to start One's testing soon. I'm trying to wait until we have wrapped up the current 9 week period...somehow she got "behind" where Two is, as Two was finished with her 9 week period.
Dance is over, softball season just ended (although, All-Stars may take us through mid-July), my own dance class just started and I LOVED it! Two made the competitive soccer team, so that will be a big commitment for us come August. She is really looking forward to it though. Four turned one, and that makes me sad. He is also cutting molars, and has turned into quite a miserable beast.
I would promise to do better, but I always fail at that, so maybe I'll just say, I HOPE to be back soon!

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