Sunday, August 22, 2010

Goals for the week

With Three, I hope to do the following:

Reading skills:

1. Sorting activities:
a.) vocab cards
b.) buttons
c.) shaped noodles

2. Letter F activities
a.) workbook page letter F identification
b.) workbook page letter F sound
c.) build a wooden firetruck (it's a kit from a hardware store)
d.) this fireman craft:
e.) letter Ff

Math skills:

1. Counting 7 objects (Three seems to be having a block after 6.)
2. Workbook page on written #2.
3. Patterns!

Fine Motor skills:

1. Beads
2. Pegs
3. Tongs

For Two, I plan to do the following:

Two has already finished her school year (hallelujah!) She will be doing reading each day, as we still have some books that were on my "list" for this year that she didn't get to. And, she'll be doing a math review sheet each day.

For One, I plan to do the following:


1. Re-test on the Wild West (yes, she did get a D on Friday....ugh.)
2. Move on to unit on the battles with native american's over the land in the west
3. Historical field trip to a Civil War battlefield (I'm CRAZY excited about this.)


1. Finish chapter on decimal multiplication, if there is a God...we will finish this up. But, she is struggling, so we'll see.

1. Finish abridged version of Little Women

We've completed all of our science and grammar for the year!
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