Monday, August 2, 2010

Muffin Tin Monday

This if my first time participating in Muffin Tin Monday! I was so excited to see this idea yesterday while blog cruising. It made me really think about lunch....and we've really been in a rut. It was SUPER. It got Three to try zucchini (which he swears he doesn't like.... ;))

This is Four's plate (yeah, I know, not a muffin tin...WhAtEvEr!) It has pears, carrots, broiled zucchini, and then some broiled zucchini with melted rice cheese shreds. He ate EVERY BIT, but then he eats every bit of every can this kid eat! :)

For Three's tin, we had a dinosaur theme because we've been working on letter D and had done a dinosaur craft this morning. So, moving clockwise we have: Boulders (chicken nuggets,) Dino blood (ketchup,) leaves-dino food (zucchini,) pears-dino food, sticks (graham cracker sticks,) and dino-eggs (grapes.)

This was SO fun....and I can't wait to do it again! Here is the original blog that it came from:

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