Thursday, August 22, 2013

Wordy Wednesday

Today I'm going to do:  Confessions of a mom

I love my husband, but I'm a gigantic unapologetic flirt. I flirt with my husband too, so it's all good. 

I love all my kids the exact same, but I have a favorite.

I have the best friends. Truuuuue. They allow me to be ME. They never judge. They just accept me, tell me I screwed up, and we move on. 

I am a party girl. Now that I'm closing in on 40. I NEVER partied like this in my teens/twenties. I've seen the sunrise while still OUT for the "night."  True story.
I'm having way more fun now than someone my age probably should. 

I have two tattoos, and plans for 3 more. 

I have an awesome piercing (Daith, it's in the inner part of your ear.). It looks hot, it fits my personality, and even though I can't see it all the time, I'm completely in love with it. 

When I'm out, I drink. A lot. I'm kid free, I'm with people I trust. I am responsible. But I drink. I can remember a time when I was a one drink tipsy kinda gal. Those days are LOOOONG gone now. I'm not sure if I'm proud of this or not....but I did tell a grown construction worker last week that I'd put money on the bar that going shot for shot, I could drink him under the table.  I didn't make an attempt to do it because he had already had a LOT of beer, and it would have been an unfair fight.  BUT that's what he gets for talking smack to me about drinking "milk" at the bar (a mixed drink I can only get in THAT establishment...and yes, there was milk in it.)  Shots, Shots, Shots, Shots, Shots, Shots...EVERYBODY!

I LOVE to dance.  Ok, this isn't news if you've read my blog a few times.  I dance for a living (ok, so I'm TECHNICALLY a fitness instructor...I prefer this wording.)  I dance for fun.  I dance to blow off steam.  I dance while I cook.  I dance while I clean.  I dance.

I really haven't had my shit together for the last few years.  My life has fallen apart, been reassembled, fallen apart again, glued back together, cracked, taped back up and finally blown to smithereens.  NOW, I'm currently the happiest and MOST together I've been since late 2010.  I've sustained this level of happy for 6 weeks now (the longest duration that I've felt this way) and am hopeful it's going to stick around this time--without tape or glue.

There you have a glimpse into who I REALLY am.  As a mom.  As a wife.  As a WOMAN.

(*I've been working on getting this post up since LAST Wednesday--and I know it's Thursday, but it was now or never.)

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