Monday, August 5, 2013

Manic Monday


I have my own zumba class now...I led it this morning.  Then we came home, sat and talked to The Punk for a bit, made a reservation for a camping trip next month, and then started working on dinner--which I was getting in the crockpot before heading out for the afternoon.  It's a crockpot Cube Steak recipe.  If it's good, I'll post it later this week!

After getting that taken care of, I showered real quick and left to pick up my mom.  She had a dr. appointment.  I had a return to Kohl's and then took her home.

Now, I'm home and trying to check some stuff to prepare for school for the week.  :)

I have a busy (and great week) coming up.  Fun stuff!  Hoping to register One for dance tomorrow night, Wednesday night I'm going to a concert with The Bestie (and another great friend,)  Thursday night I am subbing in a Zumba class.  My nights are all filled up!  We may be going to $1 movie tomorrow or Wednesday, we've gone the last 2 weeks.  Love those.

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