Thursday, December 26, 2013


Christmas was great.  I hope you all had a wonderful, joy-filled holiday as well (assuming you celebrate this particular holiday.)  We went to the beach last week, and I'm continuously surprised at how restful being in the presence of the ocean is for me.  I need to have a house there.  Living there, right now, isn't an option.  BUT if I had a house there, I'd be there pretty often.  Back to the story.  We spent several days there.  Water park.  Time on the sand.  Dinner date with my man.  Ride Makerz with my boys.  Shopping with my girls.  Bliss all around.

We had a great day Christmas Eve day as well.  The kids made "Ninja-Bread" men.  Boys did a few crafts.  Baked cookies.  We spent time with my mom, Two played a song on her guitar and we sang.  It was great.

This morning, I sent all my fellas (The Punk, Three and Four) on a plane and went to visit family.  I'm sad, all my men are gone.  But, on the up side...the boys first plane ride went well.  They both loved it.  Four was really anxious about it for a couple days, but I managed to calm him down.  Hooray (it's really just my vast experience at dealing with One's anxiety disorder.)  

After I dropped the boys off, I went by Target and picked up some 50% off Xmas decorations.  I'm going to make:  Ornament Wreath  Exciting stuff.  

Now, it's just the girls and I for a bit.  During this time...One will be getting her belly button pierced.  How the HECK did I end up here???  It's just a piercing, it's not permanent, and I realize as a parent of a teenager it's really important to pick your battles.  I just don't know how it's possible for me to have a child this old.  Truly.  I also get to see The Bestie, whom I haven't seen in over two weeks.  YAY!!!!

Other than that, I have work I need to do around the house...lots of it.  So far since I've been home today..I've done a whole lot of NOTHING.  ;)

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