Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Two for Tuesday (plus a little bonus rant.)

I need some sunshine.  Truly.  It's so grey and dismal here.  I can't take much more.  The weather man says the next 3 days (today not included) will be sunny.  Cold as a witches titty (My Daddy said that to me when I was a kid.)  But, SUNNY.  I have my chair positioned on the back porch, I should probably turn it upside down so the water can run off--it's going to rain all day, and it rained a bit yesterday too.  It's not helping my depression.  At.  All.  I ran twice last week.  I danced yesterday, and I am dancing again later this week.  I am motivated to run (which I will probably do tomorrow, with my new running partner The Bestie!) because of a race I signed up to run in May.  That's a long way out you say?  It's a warrior dash.  Google that.  There are 12 obstacles that unlike my FUN MUD RUN are no joke.  I'm excited, but I need to be in shape.  Coincidentally, my FUN MUD RUN is the weekend after, and should therefore feel like a walk in the park!  Sunshine.  I need sunshine.  Stat.  I'm considering paying $10 to lie in a tanning bed for a few minutes even.  It's that bad.

We are currently "tracked out," which means we aren't doing any REAL school.  We are still reading because I don't want to lose what he's gained in that department-he's doing SO WELL!  But, other than that, our only learning is about Christmas traditions around the world and how they are similar to and different from ours.  We only have this week, and a few days before Xmas to do this because (SHHHHHH...this is a secret) Santa is bringing us another trip and we'll be gone the entire week before Christmas.

Here's what I downloaded from TPT (one of my favorite sites, in case you didn't know that already.)

Christmas Around the World Facts and Snacks

My Christmas Pinterest Board  (ideas of things to do/make)

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