Sunday, June 1, 2014

Sunday snapshots

I signed up for this (Myrtle Beach Mini Marathon.)  140 days to train.  

Me, One, The Bestie, Two AFTER our Dirty Girl Mud Run yesterday.

One, myself, Two BEFORE the run.  "The Geek Girls" a parody on "The Spice Girls."  We are awesome.

Professional picture from Warrior Dash 2014!  Me, the fire-jumper.  I'm phobic about fire, so this is a big DEAL!

My buddy (The Bestie's other bestie!) and I at the finish line.  I'm both elated and freezing.

Two, the insect whisperer.

These are about to hatch in my yard!  There are 10 baby ducks (I can hear them cheeping THROUGH the shells!)  There are already 2 batches of ducks on the pond, we are in for a LOT of baby ducklings.

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