Monday, October 20, 2014

Manic Monday

Let me tell you.  Training for a half-marathon was no joke.  I'm a mom.  Of four.  A wife.  A friend.  An employee.  Devoting HOURS a week to running is a commitment.  I told the ladies in my class that I would NEVER run this far again, because it is just SO LONG.  See my last Skinny Housewife post for further proof that that was my thinking.  But, uh, guys?  Since I completed my first half?  I'm absolutely certain I will do this again.  It was LONG.  And it was torturous.  And that last mile?  Oh, it totally made me it's bitch.  It was the LONGEST most grueling mile of my entire life.  Fo'Sho.  But, crossing that finish line....and the sense of euphoria upon doing something that at one time I thought was ludicrous and impossible for ME....I'm gonna need that again.  Just so ya know.

I'm super, insanely, ridiculously sore today.  BUT...I did teach my Zumba class this morning and rocked it...because I'm just THAT bad ass.  ;)

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