Thursday, October 30, 2014

Skinny Housewife

I'm sure you are all tired of hearing about my half-marathon....well, now I can talk about the next challenge I've set!  I've mentioned it before, and honestly, it seems like an unreachable challenge for me right now.  I'm unnerved.  I'm scared.  But then, I remind myself that if you had told me a year ago that I would complete a half-marathon with a time I was proud of, I'd have thought you were crazy.  It seemed unattainable.  But, I did it.

I have a good friend (we met through Zumba...holla!) who does Spartans.  And she's been harassing me for at least a year to join her.  If you don't know what a Spartan is, it's a pretty badass obstacle race.  Now, I've got a few obstacle races under my belt.  The toughest by far being Warrior Dash (which I cannot WAIT to do ON my 39th birthday in 2015) but in reflection, there were only a couple obstacles that were REALLY challenging.  Spartan obstacles?  They don't play.  You MUST be able to lift your own body weight.  And, it's not a race where they let you wuss MUST complete the obstacle.  If you truly CANNOT, you have to suffer a penalty.  A penalty in the form of the devil himself in workout form.  Burpees.  BURPEES.  I FN hate burpees.

This friend...she is a member of the Spartan Trifecta club.  Meaning:  She completed 3 Spartan races in a year.  A Spartan Sprint (3.1 miles plus obstacles.)  A Spartan Super (8+ miles plus obstacles.)  A Spartan Beast (13.1+ miles plus obstacles.)  I have agreed to do all 3 with her in 2015.  I'm clearly insane.  And, at the end?  She will be a double trifecta member.  I have badass friends.

See that part up there ^^ where I said you MUST be able to lift your own body weight?  Yeah, I'm no where CLOSE to capable of that.  The first of my Spartans is in April.  That is 163 days from today.  I need to get to work!  Last night, The Bestie and I went to "aerial bootcamp."  It's the type of place where they teach you how to hang from silks, do tricks, work on a Lyra hoop, etc.  And the bootcamp class is intended to prepare you for those things.  We had 9 stations last night, and NONE of them were easy.  The easiest was hula hoop.  But when you are supposed to do it for 2 full minutes, it's not as easy as it would seem.  We also had to climb silks.  The Bestie KILLED it.  She reached the top on her first try!  I managed to get a few inches off the ground, but it's whatever.  ;)  Wall sits.  Mountain climbers (which are a bitch on the floor, but try doing them with your feet suspended from silks attached to the ceiling.  yeah.)  Plank get ups (which I can do for a full minute on the floor, but again, put your feet through a hoop of silk attached to the ceiling and that shit is HARD) I was able to do 2 actual get-ups and then I just held the plank for the remainder of the time.  We also worked on splits.  *smh*

Every muscle in my upper body hates me today, and my hamstrings aren't really my friends either.  It's fantastic.  If I keep going, I have no doubt I'll be ready for Spartan.  Cause seriously, this class is no joke.

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