Thursday, November 22, 2007

Photos for Thanksgiving

I'm giving thanks this year for the birth of a beautiful, happy baby boy who has not only brought immense amounts of joy to my life, and the lives of everyone who loves him, but who gave me a new appreciation for my older girls. He has helped me to see them in a different way, and to love them even more. I am thankful for my older girls, who love their brother with such purity that it makes my heart swell. I am thankful that they love him so much they fight over who gets to hold him, or sit next to him in the car. I am thankful they are so helpful, and ready to teach him new things. I am thankful for my oldest dd's wonderful, unique sense of humor and her very own true to herself sense of style. I pray she will be able to hold on to those things as she grows. I am thankful for my younger dd's giving spirit, and her incredible empathy. I am thankful for my wonderful husband, who has shown me what true love, and devotion can do for someone's soul. And, I am thankful for the beautiful foliage we have here this year, despite the worst drought in recorded history.

I hope you all will have a wonderful thanksgiving, and look upon all the small things in life you have to be thankful for. Here are some pictures of my family, and our fall foliage!

My Future NFL star right there! LOL

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