Monday, December 13, 2010

Another Christmas Craft and Random Cuteness

This craft is one I modified from this link:

Instead of doing it on tile, I used green construction paper. Green card stock would have worked better, but all I had was red and white.

Step 1: Paint child's hand white (or have them paint it themselves...Three painted his own, I painted Four's for him.)

Step 2: Press hand onto paper/cardstock/tile. Sorry the pic is blurry, I was trying to press his hand AND take the shot...and he was probably moving to boot!

Step 3: We used the red cardstock instead of red sticky backed felt. Cut out a santa hat shape, and glue it on.

Step 4/5: We used beans for eyes because I couldn't find our googly eyes...I'm not sure if we used them all or I just misplaced them. Either way...the beans worked ok. They were hard to stick though because they were small. Larger beans would have rocked. Then we added cotton "fur" trim to the hat, and a ball on the end.

Three's finished project:

Random cuteness abounds!
Three's first experience with hot chocolate, after the first snow fall of the season (which was only about an inch, and didn't stick but was still SO exciting!) Luck of the draw managed to capture this priceless face!

We had snow last year, but Four was only 6 months old, so it was still a whole new experience for him. I <3 snowflakes on eyelashes (yes, these are a few of my favorite things.)

The same day as the snow, was the day of our town's Christmas parade. One danced in the parade with her dance company. Here are Two, Three and Four waiting on the curb for the parade to begin.
And, here is One in the parade!

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