Thursday, December 2, 2010

Oh What Fun...

I made this first item because Three asks EVERY DAY how many more "night nights" until Christmas??? This will be something he can do every day, and see how much longer he has. I picked up some Xmas stickers at A.C. Moore (a craft store) for .75. I got out a piece of red construction paper, and used one of the stickers as my guide. I then traced the sticker 24 times, and added a Merry Christmas for Christmas day.

Countdown chart:

December 1 kicks off the season of giving! The first gifts are always new ornaments for the tree.

Three helps Daddy put up the tree!

Seriously, if Four were any cuter, his life would be in constant danger because I could just eat him! This is the first time he's helped me in the kitchen, and he was "sneaking" a taste!

Our elf, Rudolph, arrived the day after Thanksgiving!

3rd location where Rudolph was found!

A pinecone craft, Four wanted in on the action.

Painting the pinecone with white paint, to give it a snow affect:

Adding glitter:

One sparkly pine cone!

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