Friday, February 17, 2012

Flashback Friday

Looking back over our week....

On Tuesday we went to a cupcake party to celebrate V-day. Here is Three sampling the wares.

On Sunday, we went out for a V-day dinner...This is Four having his spaghetti pomodoro from Carrabba's. This was extra special because he can't EVER eat when we go out (I have to bring his food from home...) because of all his allergies. YAY!!!

We went to the circus prior to dinner, here are the 3 of us in the car.

The only school craft we did this week....J is for Jellyfish. :)

We also attended our 4H club's valentine party on Wednesday, and preschool co-op on Thursday. Co-op was about exercise and Three has been talking about it NON STOP since! I'm excited that he was really listening and paying attention...but I'm just about done hearing it.

Today One had her well-check with the ped....seems strange to call it that, since ya know, she's almost 14. She was diagnosed with adolescent scoliosis, believed to have begun a year and a half ago when she went through a MAJOR growth spurt (having grown 5 1/4 inches in the course of a year!) The ped didn't seem concerned....referred us to a spine clinic, thinks they'll have One wear a brace, and it should be correctable.

I went out last night...(That's a song...btw.) and I'm heading out again in a couple hours. I'm really tired we'll see how long I last. ;)
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