Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Two for Tuesday.

Homeschool Creations printable packs are some of my favorite things. There is some Jesus in there...but to each his own, and I have an amazing ability to overlook that which does not apply to me personally. :) But for those of you with less of a filter for that sort of thing, just let it be known that homeschool creations is a christian site, made by a lovely homeschooling mama.

Homeschool Share free lapbooks page. Three and I did a Frog lapbook last week, to go along with the tadpole discovery in the pond, a class on Frogs that we attended at the university, and our preschool co-op discussion about Frogs. It was really nice. I hope to do more lapbooks with him, since he seemed to enjoy it too. This link is to the directory of lapbooks and is broken down by age and/or subject matter. Enjoy!


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