Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Wordy Wednesday

I loved this (above pic) when I saw it! I had to share.

Things have been chaotic lately around here...but what's new? We discovered tadpoles in our pond yesterday. Although some of them are almost we clearly haven't been paying attention. Mostly, Three has had a cast on so we've been staying away from the water. He got his cast removed yesterday....hence, the discovery. It's quite exciting. It also made it super easy to plan next week's preschool co-op lesson. *wink* I'm in charge of all of April, except tomorrow when something special is planned.

We're out of the house almost every day...and this lends itself to not too many well planned lessons. We've been sort of flying by the seat of our pants and learning on the fly (see above photo.) I'm trying to work crafts this one: Easter Bunny

But honestly, my boys don't really care that much for crafts...soooo they are just humoring their mommy's need to be crafty with them. <3

The girls are easier because I put their stuff into this program: Homeschool Tracker and updating it from one day to another is super easy, so I just put their stuff in and print it out. They are relatively independent at this point (score one for this was ALWAYS a goal of have them largely independent by middle school.) I can leave in the morning, for an activity for Three and Four, and leave their assignment sheets and books on the table and about half the time I come home and they've completed their work. If they haven't it's usually because the directions that went along with an assignment (usually math) just weren't enough and they need me to help explain the concept better. It's nice. Really. Nice.

I had planned on using Switched On Schoolhouse for school this year, but money hasn't been our friend this year....and I decided that summer camp was more important for all of us (seriously, they need a week away from each other, and a week minus just one child is bliss, I tell you, BLISS!) So, summer camp over curriculum. Yep, that's how I roll. Again, see above pic. *big grin* I would still like to go the switched on schoolhouse route in the fall. We'll see.

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