Thursday, December 13, 2012

Skinny Housewife

I'm happy (no wait:  ecstatic is probably more accurate) to report I finally reached my goal weight!  My goal-which I set eighteen months ago...slow and steady right?-was to be the weight I was at when I got pregnant with Three (6 1/2 years ago!)  A few months ago, I actually stopped caring about the number on the scale.  I was two pounds from goal weight, and holding steady.  However, my body has totally transformed.  I can wear clothes in a size that I NEVER could have worn *at goal weight* before.  So, I decided the number CLEARLY didn't matter.  I did a body fat percentage calculation and (wish I had done that BEFORE, as well as taken measurements BEFORE) realized that I am only 2% from falling into the "fit" category.  That became the new goal.  I want to be FIT, and I wouldn't care about the number anymore-since muscle weighs more than fat, I might not lose anymore actual weight but that I could lose 2% body fat, and really love my new FIT body.  That was apparently bullshit, because when THAT magic number showed up on the scale...I nearly peed my pants.

However, then I began eating really crappy and went an eight day stretch without doing ANY exercise.  UGH.  WTF is wrong with this picture?  It is the hardest time of the year to diet, and well...honestly I SUCK at dieting any time of year, I LOVE food.  Love it.  I have been eating really poorly though, and not only do I feel more sluggish but my skin is currently in horrible shape.  *hangs head in shame*  I am going to start baking projects with my kids today, and we will finish on Saturday....since this is no time for dieting (we're going on vacation next week....the baked goods are intended to go with us, and we'll be eating out more, etc.) I have to really keep on top of the exercise.  I plan to run on vacation...and we'll be playing a LOT so that will be some cardio.  I can NOT lose momentum right here at the finish line.  I will NOT.

I have new goals, having reached goal weight, I still would like to lose more fat.  My body harbors fat right around my middle.  And it is really holding on tight.  Cardio isn't going to cut it alone!  I'm great with cardio, because it's fun-since I only do things I love (Zumba and running.)  I have to do some toning, and core work.  In addition to losing more fat, and hitting that 2% lower goal, I am doing a mud run mid March and I have to have more upper body strength for some of the obstacles.  I've been doing (sporadically) an upper body circuit.  I need to do it more often!  And, I just added this, this week (and dear sweet baby jesus I'm SORE!):

Off to workout, before I start the making of the treats....Today's workout:

The above ab-core-challenge.
Upper Body Strength Circuit
30 minutes of Zumba
30 minute run

It totals to about 90 minutes.  Give or take.  I know not everyone has 90 minutes in their day to exercise.  It's something that has taken me awhile to make a real priority (and then, it's been slipping the last couple weeks...I need to grab on and hold again!)  However,  don't be discouraged.  Take 8 minutes and do the upper body stuff (with the one minute cardio in between sets!)  Take 15 minutes and do the ab-core challenge.  Take 30 minutes and just DANCE!  Something IS better than nothing.  Always.

*Addition* Soooo, I came back to edit because I decided it's been awhile since I did all the measuring and calculated body fat.  I did that this morning, and LOW and behold, I have actually lost enough inches now to fall into the FIT category I was shooting for.  In fact, I'm 4% away from being in the "athlete" category.  New goal:  BE an athlete.  Before I turn 37.  :)


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