Thursday, December 6, 2012

Wordy Wednesday

In an effort to have the best Christmas eVAH, I've pinned a ton of things to my "homemade Christmas" board on Pinterest.  And, now we're 4 days in and I've done almost NOTHING Christmas related.  I mean, we put up the tree, the kids got a new ornament on December 1 (a tradition for us,)  the weather was nice yesterday and The Punk got the outside decorations put up.  But we haven't done anything beyond decorating.

I'd like to have a project for every day until Santa arrives (which for us will happen on the 18th--if we know you in real life, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE do NOT mention anything about this to my kids, or myself at any event where my children are present!)  Then I'll need a couple more projects to get us through until we celebrate with our family.  In order for this to be the best Christmas eVAH, I need to get my rear in gear.  My boys are both resting today and I issued a mandate to my girls about REALLY NEEDING THEM TO GET THEIR WORK CAUGHT UP BEEEEFOOOOOREEEEE Xmas break (which officially starts the 17th, BUT...we are planning a surprise birthday party for Two that weekend, sooo they REALLY need to be done by the 15th...again, no mention of the party--I'm really trusting you people) so while I have a little bit I'm typing this...and then I'm going to get to work on the countdown calendar.  I'll have to put blank pieces in the calendar for the days after Santa arrives, just to throw them off.

Our elf (on the shelf) has gone missing...I'm forlorn  but thankfully the boys seem to have forgotten about him (or given up hope since they did ask for the first few days after the tree was up-which is usually when he arrives.)  I "put him away" REALLY well last year.  Clearly.

The links I posted yesterday are where I'm pulling many of my countdown ideas from.  I want experiences not things--Our Santa gift is a trip, since none of us need more STUFF.  The only "gift" on the list will probably be a new Xmas book, but again, that's a yearly tradition for us, we have 20 xmas books currently. I take that back, there will probably be the gift of a new Xmas movie as well.  Many of our Xmas movies were on VHS.  Our VCR died this year, and I won't be replacing it since we already own a DVD player, a Wii, and a Blu-Ray player.  There will probably be the replacement of a classic Xmas movie.

I got a "date" with The Punk Wednesday night.  We hit Target and got a new movie and book for the kids to unwrap.  I also bought a lot of baking supplies and stocking stuffers.  I'm SO happy to report that as of December 6, 2012 I am 90% done with Xmas shopping.  I have to buy new PJ's for the kids, and one more present each for One and Two, AND my nephews, and niece and something more for The Bestie, and her kiddo's.  THEN--I'm all done.  Phew.

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