Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Wordy Wednesday

I am once again struggling.  I try to be really honest here, so as not to paint a picture of perfection.  You should all know that I fall, and get back up again.  I stumble, and trip and have to regain my balance...on a pretty regular basis.

I'm struggling to be who I know I am.  I haven't been exercising.  I haven't been properly fueling my body.  I haven't been taking my vitamins.  I know all of these play into it.

Today-after the holidays are over (ok, so there is new year's...but my family doesn't really do anything to celebrate it'll just be the ONE night of drinking with my "friend family") I am determined to get back on track.  I was hoping to run (because I haven't done it in...far too long) but it's raining.  I don't mind a run in a warm rain, but this cold icky thanks.  Instead, I'll practice my Zumba routines, so I'll get a good hour long workout and burn almost 1000 calories.  That should help undo the 800 calorie breakfast I just ate (a doughnut, 32 oz of soda, and some cheese balls...ugh.)  I'm going to break the bad eating habit.  I gave in this morning because I'm a mood eater and I'm exhausted (three hours of sleep Christmas Eve and not much more than that last night.)  I had to get up super early to drive The Punk to the airport for a trip to see his family, and I gave in to the doughnut and the desire for caffeine.  It's raining, the boys will be locked inside with me all day, and they are both minorly under the weather with colds.  I need the caffeine.  But I should have opted for something better than the doughnut (like the veggie eggwhite sandwich I saw...)

Our vacation was GLORIOUS.  We had 3 days where it was right around 70 and sunny.  The 4th day we visited the aquarium and got to touch horseshoe crabs AND sting rays!  It was GREAT.  We also visited RideMakerz the 4th day and the boys made cars.  It's like Build-A-Bear, only it's hot rods.  It's pretty awesome.  It was an early 6th birthday present for Three.

Christmas Eve was wonderful.  My mom got to have all 8 of her grandchildren present-something that hasn't happened in a few years.  Then Christmas day was almost perfect, my great-niece and great-nephew got to spend some time with us too.  I am feeling very happy and content today.  :)

I hope to get myself back together today.  I hope to get a lot of things accomplished while The Punk is gone for the week (I have more "down" time.)  I plan to get back on this blogger bandwagon too, it's an outlet I need!

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