Saturday, July 6, 2013

Sideways Saturday

Tomorrow we are starting a screen-free week. No screens for the small ones-no wii, no smart phone play, no tv. Limited screens for all the big people. I will allow myself use of my laptop and phone before 7 (since we kick of our new school year Monday, I need access to my computer. And well, like millions of others, I'm a candy crush addict.) And, I'm still going to allow the girls either TV/phone usage between 8 and 10 pm, but not both. I'll also be using my computer, phone or watching TV between those two hours. But, I'm going to make myself choose as well. If I'm going to play on my phone, then I'll have the tv off. If I'm looking at the web on my laptop, no tv and no phone use. 

We are all screen addicts I think. This is my intervention. There will be one other exception. One night this week we will have a family movie...something old shook Disney most likely. We will all watch together, after dinner. :) 

I haven't broken this week's rules to the big girls. I did give the boys some warning today though, that tomorrow, we're not turning the tv on. I think we will wait until Thursday or Friday night for the movie, giving it some time to "sink in" before we have a little break from it. 

I'm going to put the baby lock on the entertainment center, which will prevent the boys from being able to "forget" they aren't supposed to turn it on. I'm an evil wench. 

Wish me luck!

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