Thursday, July 11, 2013

Skinny Housewife

Sooo...super trendy right now is Paleo. It's often followed by the word diet, but I don't find that to be a fitting word. It's really a lifestyle change and it's largely about real food. You know what real food is, we all know what REAL food is. Eat that, not that sub-par fake stuff you are currently filling your face with.  This is a movement I can stand behind. It just makes sense. 

For ME-pasta is going to be hard to give up. Dairy too...but now, dairy can be a bendy point for Paleo. Some people still use it ( in organic form, which we already mostly do) and do just fine. I have eliminated dairy from my diet once before. For a really painfully long two months. The biggest change I noticed?  I lost weight pretty rapidly. That's not really a goal for me right now, so I'm thinking I will limit it but not do away with it entirely. 

It's just another option, I recommend reading up on it. :)
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