Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Manic Monday

This is going to be a combo Manic Monday and Snapshot Sunday.

Today was awesome!  So awesome.  Taught my Zumba class this morning, and had probably the best time I've had to date!  So fun.  Stopped at the store on the way home and picked up the few remaining food items needed for the week.  Came home made an AMAZING lunch (zoodles, italian sausage and homemade spaghetti sauce!)  Cleaned, taught the small kids a great amount of school (which has really been taking a back burner,) made a really banging dinner and went on a walk as a family.

It was a blissful day. 

Now-pictures from various activities over the last few weeks, including my trip to Cali with The Punk, and concerts with the Bestie. 

Me, in front of the Hollywood sign. I'm rocking my "Love" shirt, representing #loveinarms on the west coast (check out this cause on FB and Twitter, check out her etsy shop theloveshacknc for some cool LOVE gear for yourself.)

My favorite food truck. 

My fare from the slummin' gourmet:  chipotle maple sweet potato tots. Nom nom nom.  (My apologies that the food pics are blurry, I was in a hurry to eat!)

Garlic parm spiraled potato on a stick ('cause I don't do healthy on vacation!)

We had lunch in Venice Beach inside a renovated old fire house. Too cool. 

The view from the Santa Monica Pier, you get mountains AND ocean. Hard to beat. 

This is the design it menu from a place called Slater's 50/50. You should check out their site, and be jealous that I got to eat there. The subsequent pictures are my food from there. Drool. It's expected. 

Fried bacon Mac and Cheese balls. You may openly weep with delight that these exist now. 

My burger:  50-50 (ground beef-bacon,) Swiss, chili, fritos, on a bacon pretzel bun. 

The Huntington Beach pier at night. 

The Bestie turned 40 while I was on the west coast, this was her Pacific Ocean birthday wishes, before the waves snatched it away. 

Angela vs Rays game. 

First night back, The Bestie and I wet to see John Mayer. 

Four had his first soccer practice. He was SOOOOOO excited!

Two and I with a baby bobcat!  This bobcat is being sponsored by The Bestie and her family, which is why we got an inside chance to play with her. 

Four helping make his pizza. 

The Boo, myself, The Bestie, and Two at Maroon 5 concert. 

A little Jenga in the morning. 

19 months after a gnarly break, Three is hanging on the bar he fell from. He's not nearly as scarred by this experience as his mama. 

Electric Run visited a city near me!  It was fun, fun, fun. Great lighting effects and pumping music the whole time. Here is a good friend of mine, myself and Two ready to get our groove (run) on!

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