Monday, November 3, 2014

Manic Monday!

PHEW!  We are bouncing back from a week of family visiting.  While it's always fun to have Aunt Ancy around, getting back to our normal flow is my happy place (I think we all knew that...I'm such a creature of habit.)  Also, in unrelated news:  I loathe the time change.

I crashed last night around 7:30 due to an incredible migraine.  I buried my head in the pillows and my body shut down on me.  Luckily, The Punk finished up all the parenting (baths, dinner, and bedtime) and let me sleep it off.

I'm up today and can still feel the remnants of the headache behind my left eye.  I have class to teach, house to tend, and kids to educate you just go about your merry way Mr. Migraine.  K?

In more unrelated news, I loathe iTunes.  I LOVE my iPhone.  I've totally drunk up the Apple kool-aid, but I can't believe they can't give us something more user friendly than iTunes.  C'mon geniuses....

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