Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Two for Tuesday: Our Summer Plans

The Homeschool Belle: Free Science Plans Using Magic School Bus 

Seriously, how much WIN is in this??  We are doing what promises to be an AMAZING science Co-Op next year (and I'm sure it's going to be totally amazing because two of the smartest, creative, most organized women I've ever met are organizing it) but to get through the summer....we will be doing this.  We will not be doing one unit per week, probably 2 a week to make it fit into summer.  And likely not in "order," because week 1 is about Ants and I own THIS, but don't have the ants for it so we will start in week 2 and come back to week 1 when our live ants arrive.  BUT-I know the boys are going to LOVE it.  They are both HUGE into science experiments, and c'mon who DOESNT love MSB.

A comment was posted on the blog listing the season and episode number for those who are going to watch them via Netflix (like us,) so here is that info:

Gets Ants in its Pants: S1-E12
Hops Home: S1-E5
Gets Swamped: S4-E4
In the City: S4-E12
In the Rainforest: S3-E12
Takes a Dive: S4-E11
All Dried Up: S1-E7
Cold Feet: S2-E12
Going Batty: S2-E9
Spins a Web: S3-E2
Gets Ready, Set Dough: S1-E9
Meets Molly Cule: S3-E2
In the Artic: S3-E1
Bright Idea: S3-E5
In the Haunted House: S1-E8
Makes a Stink: S4-E10
Gets Eaten: S1-E4
For Lunch: S1-E2
Inside Ralphie: S1-E3
Flexes Its Muscles: S2-E2
Goes Cellular: S4-E5
Works Out: S3-E9
Lost in Space: S1-E1
Out of this World: S2-E11
Sees Stars: S4:E7
Gains Weight: S4-E8
Under Construction: S3-E3
Getting Energized: S2-E10
Gets Charged S4-E9
Goes on Air: S4-E3
Cracks a Yolk: S4-E1
Rocks and Rolls: S3-E13
Meets the Rot Squad: S1-E6
Gets Planted: S3-E11

(A note about the InsectLore link above--we've used LOTS of their products.  We've had the butterflies, ladybugs, and praying mantis habitat previously with One and Two.  I've always been very happy with their products.  We've never done the ants, so One and Two will probably geek out with us on this as well.)

My second summer goal is Spelling.  We don't currently do spelling, but I know we need to start.  I've always been a naturally good speller, so it slips my mind a lot.  Having a child who is really struggling with reading/spelling keeps bringing it back to my attention, so I'm going to attempt to put it into place over the summer while our schedule is much slower.  Here are some links that spell out (HA!) how I intend to work this.

Sunny Days In Second Grade-- each boy will get a composition book to use for all the things.  Day 1 they write the list of words.  And do one of the "tic-tac-toe" items you'll find here:  Tic-Tac-Toe Spelling Homework Freebie, Day 2 and 3 they will do a tic-tac-toe item as well, and Day 4 we will do a pre-test which if they ace, we will call the test and be done!

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