Monday, March 7, 2016

Manic Monday

I wish it were Sunday...

Sunday's in my world are pretty great. I sometimes have to work a 6 hour shift, but even that doesn't take away from them. If I work?  The Punk takes the boys and does the grocery shopping. If you've read anything about me, you know I LOATHE having to take my boys to the grocery store. They hate it. I hate it. It's just a vile experience. So, if I have to put in 6 hours...I get out of that loathsome task. So to me, it's a pretty fair trade.  When I get home from work, I do nothing else. I change. I climb into my bed. I read or I watch something mindless on tv. Usually cooking shows. I don't cook on Sunday. Ever. Aside from work, I try to move as little as humanly possible on Sunday. I was explaining this to one of the kids I work with (note:  anyone under the age of 25 is a kid.)  I said everyone should have one day a week where they do as little as possible, assuming that they are a productive member of society the other 6 days a week. As for me?  

I work hard. 
I play hard. 
I rest hard. 

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