Monday, February 29, 2016

Manic Monday: Screen Detox

My boys tried to roll out of bed at 5:40 this morning. Monday is one of the days I COULD actually sleep in, so I'm less than pleased.  I swear they are little addicts. One night, at around 1:45, I had to retrieve Four from the living room. He had gotten up to pee and decided to go play Xbox. At 1:45 AM. No, kid, no. Their eyes pop open and they need a screen in front of them ASAP. The fact that it's still pitch black outside clearly matters not. I told them to go back to bed this morning but 20 minutes later it was clear no one intended to go back to sleep so I told them "fine, I can't force you to sleep but NO SCREENS." 

Part of the problem is that on Tuesday-Friday I leave at 5:35. The Punk will sleep through them waking up and going to the bathroom and then to retrieve their games. Often he tells me that one or both boys were up before he got up. Then, he leaves for work and they are allowed screens until an alarm goes off. Their sisters are not early risers (what teens ARE when given the choice?  Besides me, who has always been up with the sun. Always.)  The alarm ensures that try turn the screens off at a reasonable time, without someone being present to tell them it's time. It also is their prompting to get dressed and eat breakfast as two days a week we have to leave immediately after I get home from work (being ready to go is a necessary habit.)

They've done extremely well with the transition of me not being around in the morning. But this screen thing is making me crazy. Right now?  I've decided Momday morning-when I AM home-should always be screen free. Monday we are extremely busy (I teach for 2 1/2 hours while they play downstairs in the gym or the playground, and then we head to Taekwondo) so after the early morning time there is no time for screens, except occasionally in the car, anyway. Wednesday is also screen free, except for the morning, just because of schedule. 

I'm going to tighten the reins in this one, as I feel like it's gotten out of hand. Also, we've had a lot of rain this winter which means more being stuck inside, which means I'm much more likely to say yes at random times during the day. 

But we've reached a point where without the screens, Four (specifically) acts like he doesn't have any clue what they COULD do!  That's ridiculous. And I'm putting an end to it. Right away. 

Screen detox we come!
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