Friday, February 18, 2011

The catch up picture post....

When I plugged my camera in, there were 179 photos. Yikes. That actually didn't include any of these. I'm a little behind. So this is the "catch up" post, which will probably come in 3 parts. This is "The Snowy Day" unit we did, with the exception of 3 pictures (2 of Two doing some neat projects I managed to work in in January) and the very last one that has nothing to do with anything other than the fact that my kids are awesome and love each other to pieces. :D

Two is making a cell model from play-doh.

This is instant mashed potato flakes. Three played in them dry (practicing the letter S.)

Then he added the water:

And dove into them wet.

Did you know that if you lick things they will stick to marshmallows? Three built a marshmallow, chocolate chip snowman.

A project to go along with a quick lesson the printing press, I wrote out a code and Two had to use stampers to stamp out the hidden message.

Number matching game.

After gluing the snoman together, Three practiced writing the letter S.

He LOVED this game. This is the "It is Snowing..." song from the lesson plan for The Snowy Day. He asked to do it OVER AND OVER AND OVER. It was a HUGE hit. Here he is all dressed at the end of the song.

Three is making 3 different sized snowballs, to see which one will melt the fastest. We hypothesized about it, and Three's guess was the middle sized snowball.

Maybe that was his guess because the sun was shining on it? LOL I actually moved them, so it wasn't the case.
Four playing with some of the snow.

One made this super-hero costume for Three out of some fabric scraps. Cute, huh?

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