Wednesday, February 9, 2011

February Week 2

The Napping House is the book basis for this week's unit.

Put the characters on index cards. Sequence the story using these cards—also use left to right progression. As a 2nd activity with the cards, have child arrange them from smallest to largest.

Make a rain stick. (music/art)

Paint a picture of your house. (art)

Build a house from paper bags. (Gross motor/problem solving)

“Ten in the Bed” song (Music)

Discuss all the different words for sleeping in this book. (Vocab)

After you've read the story once or twice, go back to the first illustration and ask your student if he can spy the other animals. They are there! It may take a little bit to find the mouse and flea, but they were in the room from the beginning of the nap.

Discuss: Nocturnal animals (science)

Life Skill: Making the bed.

N is for NAP!

Have pajama day! (Thanks to the flu, we've had lots of these!)

N is for Noodle--three glued colored noodles to a foam letter N

Other stories: Time for Bed; Goodnight Gorilla.
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