Monday, February 21, 2011

Happy President's Day!

Here is what One and Two will be doing today:


And for Three:

We'll look at pictures of the first presidents and then do this craft.

Presidential Wig (from

What You Need:
Paper Bags
Packing Peanuts or Cotton
What You Do:
Talk to your children about how the president's uses to wear white wigs then have them make a wig. They do this by simply cutting one side off of a small lunch bag and then gluing packing peanuts or cotton all over it. When it dries your children can look quite presidential!

Also from everything preschool:

Do You Know? (Sung To: "Mary Had a Little Lamb")

Do you know who's on the penny? On the penny? On the penny?
Do you know who's on the penny? Abraham Lincoln.
Do you know who's on the quarter? On the quarter? On the quarter?
Do you know who's on the quarter?George Washington.

Note: Continue with other coins if you wish

We'll also look at the presidents on the coins (talk about the names of the coins too) and do coin rubbings. We'll put the coins in order from smallest to largest.

We'll locate the capital on a map.

We'll talk about the story of George Washington and the cherry tree, and do a coloring page of that.
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