Sunday, March 25, 2012

Sunday Snapshots

That's me (far left,) The Bestie, and a lovely young lady friend. We were out for a girl's night prior to seeing The Hunger Games midnight showing on Thursday night/Friday morning. That's how I roll.

A trip the museum's discovery room for our preschool co-op led to:

Triceratops dress up.

Microscope exploring.
Trying to open a clam.

Examining a snail.

One had her dance pictures this week, this is one of her costumes (they have 2.) Her class is competing one week from today! I'm so excited to spend the day in Greensboro with her and her dance school. Yay!

We were running late, and she had to apply her makeup in the car.

Another shot from the museum (yeah, I uploaded out of order today, oops.) They were using binoculars to check out the construction across the street.

Our "spring tree" craft, completed.

A tour of the weather station for One and Two with our 4H club.

Spring Time Tree process, with Four.

And, spring time tree craft process for Three.

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