Friday, May 4, 2012

Flashback Friday

Time seems to just be WHIZZING by me at an unprecedented speed.  I like being busy, so it's not a complaint really, but sometimes I do wish things would slow down.  The girls are so big (both with babysitting jobs tonight, and tomorrow and Sunday!) and my BABY is about to turn 3.  *big heavy sigh*  It's all is good.

This week....well, I ran away last Friday.  Had a true girls weekend (at a hotel full of marines, located directly across the street from the really doesn't get much better.)  Came home late Sunday night, and felt relaxed all week.  Monday Two and Three had bowling league in the afternoon, and as we are normally out of the house on Monday mornings for a class, I just opted to skip school (hey, don't judge me, I had a full on weekend buzz I was trying to maintain.)    Monday night and Tuesday night Three had T-ball games.  YAY!  I love watching my kids "do their thing."  So far, t-ball is not his thing (neither was soccer...I'm thinking we should start trying instruments) but I had a great time watching him anyway.  This left for severely overtired boys on Wednesday because they were up past bedtime two nights in a row (and what are the odds that The Punk put them to bed on-time while I was away, really??)  One and Two had a 4H meeting and the boys and I spent that time at the park.  It was hot, and they were tired.  After some quiet time, we went to pick strawberries on the HOTTEST DAY OF THE YEAR so the hottest part of the day...yeah, well planned parents.  *eye roll directed at self*   Thursday was our preschool co-op and thankfully provided a craft as I've been really lacking in that department lately.  Three really liked the craft, and Four wasn't breathing well so he stayed home.  Today, the boys painted in the bathtub, always a fave.

Our preschool group lesson was on "feelings."  The printout was of boy/girl heads, and the kids used play-dough to make different expressions to match feelings.  It was a super fun activity.  The hostess told me she found the printouts on Pinterest.  I <3 Pinterest.

 This is Three enjoying licking the spatula from lemon pound cake.  I made lemon pound cake because Four was SO excited about "Strawberry cake!!" that I couldn't disappoint him by making standard strawberry shortcake and telling him he couldn't have any (he's allergic to 5 foods.)  So I made my "go to" cake for him instead.  It is pretty yummy.

Four, Two, and Three in the strawberry field.  :)

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