Thursday, May 31, 2012

Skinny Housewife

Salmon Patties

These are simple, and quick (making them lazy as well. *wink wink*) And, my kids all eat them up-which all you moms know is key.  

I do alter the recipe just a tad, because I never have green onion in my house so I use dried onion, or just a smidge of chopped onion from my freezer.  I've made it twice, done each way once, both were fine.  I leave out the dill, and I don't shred the bread I use my magic bullet to make bread crumbs (because a couple of my kids have some food texture issues...)  

A review:  Three eats it and he has proclaimed on more than one occasion that he does "not like fish." 

I put it into the sparkpeople recipe calculator and the patties are just under 200 calories.  
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